Balanced and smooth with the body and flavour of an Ale but crisp and clean like a lager.

Pale Ale is all about the hops. Ours is a flavourful, dry and sessionable beer with lots of citrusy hop.

A not-so-pale IPA. This heavy-weight pushes both malt and hop flavour to the max with hefty portions of both.

A smooth, malt-centred beer with more roast than its Irish Brethren.

Seasonal Beers

Spring | Saison

A refreshing, medium to strong fruity/spicy ale with a distinctive yellow-orange colour, highly carbonated, well hopped, and dry with a quenching acidity

Summer | Kolsch

A clean, crisp, delicately-balanced beer usually with very subtle fruit flavours and aromas. Subdued maltiness throughout leads to a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish.

Fall | Extra Special Bitter

An average-strength to moderately-strong English ale evenly balanced between malt and hops. Drinkability is a critical component of the style.

Winter | Robust Porter

A substantial, malty dark ale with a complex and flavourful roasty character.